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Freelance Maintenance

Working with a third party a website had gone down and was no longer working, after some research and clarification we had found the website was working but on a different TLD.

However, we found out later that the TLD had recently been acquired and set as the primary domain on a third party server.

After some research, we determined that the correct TLD had not been set up as an alias domain.

Upon correction both TLDs, the website and client are happy.

Freelance Server Configuration

Working with a third party a website form submission was not working, upon assessment, the form submission was working correctly.

Further investigation revealed no mail delivery errors, however, it was revealed the email for the domain was not hosted on the same server as the website.

This was the turning point of the investigation, as the server was running on CPanel, when a script is executed which sends mail moves the mail from one point of the server to another without checking for DNS records when the email service is set to "local"

Upon checking the default domain email set by Cpanel I could see over 300 emails of failed delivery ( as the email the script was trying to send to didn't exist locally )

Correcting the Cpanel config changing it from "local" to "remote" forces any scripts to check the MX or nameserver records.

We rechecked the form submission and the mail delivery report and we got Success!

Feathers , Paws, Fins and Claws

This is a managed hosting package we set up with FPFC, the design was transferred across with a few tweaks to make the site a bit more user friendly and readable.

Simply Embellish (old)

Design is extremely important, even more so for those in the make up area, working very close with Simply Embellish we created a design that matched the clients vision as best as possible and maintaining the original aesthetic.

Self Project - Out of the Abyss RNG

In my spare time I play Dungeons and Dragons, one campaign relies heavily on encounters based on random outcome - a dice roll.

The Main campaign is split into different modules each with its own set of encounters.

Using a pesudorandom number generator I was able to mostly automate the process of using these encounter tables.

The Generator has been used by over 10,000 times by other like minded gamers.

Ideal Installations Limited (WIP)

The previous design we created was looking a little dated, using Joomla! again for the framework and working closely with the company we created a design with a fresh new look.

Ideal Installations Limited (old)

Ideal Installations Limited is one of our oldest clients.

The website based on Joomla! did not age well, we are currently undergoing a re-design of the site.